Alloy wheels, their importance and what you need to know

For a long time the most used tires were those of steel alloys, but this has changed over time and at this time the tendency is to change to aluminum alloy wheels , which have a better look and also help the vehicle performance and economy.

The main characteristics of these tires are their lower weight compared to steel, which helps to reduce fuel consumption, and there are also the offer of models that make a difference in the aesthetics of the car.

Apart from the above reasons, these alloys have a high degree of thermal dissipation, even better than that of steel, which causes high temperatures in the tires and in the brake system to be rapidly dispersed to the surrounding air.

If we want to install these attachments in our vehicle, we must take into account a couple of things, such as:

  1. The number of bolts of the tires and their separation: there are tires of 4,5 and 6 bolts and with different separations between them.
  2. The hoop to choose: you can buy the original hoop that the vehicle brings or increase, but always being careful that when increasing the larger the hoop, the tires must be changed and these must be of a lower profile, since that may not enter the spaces of the mud cover. In addition, it should be borne in mind that “larger tire with low profile = much more expensive”.
  3. The displacement of the tire: this is the distance between the surface of the brake disc or drum (where the tire is supported and bolted), and the actual center of the tire. This displacement can be positive, negative or zero, if you choose the wrong way with a displacement that is too negative, the tire may be left out of the body, or if the displacement is too positive, it may bump into the fender at all times or only when the steering wheel is turned. sideways Even with zero displacement it could look bad depending on the design of the tire. Better to make sure and ask for advice from a specialist.
  4. The speed and the weight that supports the tire: all the tires have a speed limit that can support and also the weight that can support before collapsing. These should be equal to or greater than the original steel wheels. Many tires of doubtful origin do not have this really important information and must be taken into account at the time of an election.

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