Backboard Versus a Team that Has Some Good Size Like They Had

On the growth of White:

“I just think his fitness is outstanding. He’s really taking care of his body and he’s just been working on his game. He’s a veteran, he gets a lot done when you get him the ball and he gets his touches. And he’s been very efficient, he’s not just trying to bully his way to the basket. He’s got a number of things that he can go to that he trusts, which we noticed with both hands around the basket. If teams double him, he’s really been good at throwing the ball out of the post.

That’s why the guards really trust him and want to get him the ball inside because if teams do try and double him, he’s finding open teammates. I truc tiep bong da believe in him facing a little more, facing, going a couple dribbles to the basket, or he’s even improved as a mid-range jump-shooter, which I think will add to his game which he didn’t have any confidence with last year.”

On how the guards contributed to the team’s rebounding in the scrimmage:

“Yeah, I mean Remy had eight defensive rebounds, and I referenced our games versus Kansas and Xavier and talked about like how many defensive rebounds Tra Holder and Shannon Evans and those guys had in those key games against bigger teams. And if you are going to play some stretches of games when you’re going really small, then everyone’s got to get in there and contribute in that regard. Remy really internalized that, he knew that that was something we were looking for that we could hang in on the backboard versus a team that has some good size like they had. We were even on the backboard with a team that was bigger than us because of guys that we had out of the lineup on Saturday. So it was good to see him and others take that responsibility.”

More on Saturday’s scrimmage:

“It was a pleasant surprise to see how good we were (on Saturday) considering we didn’t have Kimani Lawrence and Taeshon Cherry and Khalid Thomas. So, have a pretty good feel that those guys are going to help us. But for us to play that well without them was real positive.”

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