Bathroom Basins Inspired by Art

The bathroom basins and sink vanities which are available these days have evolved into a form of artwork. Gone are those bathroom basin mundane bowls which could be differentiated only by various color shades.

There are several resources which are available for creating the attractive bathroom basins and sink vanities which designers are working hard to bring to market.

Recessed type bathroom basins

The recessed basin normally fits just below the counter for a flush design. We have all been familiar with such sinks as they have been popular for a long time. Ceramic bowls are a perfect choice for sink vanities or marble which can easily compliment any bathroom décor.

Their shapes usually range from the round to square, designer scalloped to oblong depending on the cabinet into which you wish it to fit.

Vessel sinks

Vessel sinks have surely made our bathroom basins and sink vanities a mesmerizing part of our house with all those brilliant designs of artwork which just sit on the top of your counter and are most elegant in design and functionality. Glass is mostly used for making them and they can be ribbed, frosted or even clear with many artistic designs. Even hand paintings add a focal point that celebrates the décor of your bathroom.

Vessel sinks are usually made from the tempered glass which is scratch-resistant, so these beauties are really tough for sustaining daily use.

Stone basins

Various types of stone can accent sink vanities and provide a luscious and natural glow to the place where they are installed, and stone for bathroom basins is no exception. As a great alternative to simple bathroom basins, granite, quartz and marble can bring a feeling of serenity and peace to your bathroom area. These beautiful types of stone can accent sink vanities and give your bathroom that designer touch.

Custom made bathroom basins

Have you dreamed of adding a shade of color or a touch from your most-liked artist in each room in your home? Unfortunately, bathrooms and sink vanities have always been cumbersome to compliment. Now you have the ability to bring your favorite artist and add that touch of flavor to your very own bathroom by simply contracting with a company to transform your ideas into reality!

Stone, ceramic or glass can surely become a reality by having your very own bowl designed exclusively for you. All designers out there are very ready to take any challenge thrown at them and can easily create bathroom basins or sink vanities just for your bathroom.

Designer cabinets, pedestals and wall suspended sinks can easily complement your bathroom décor and draw in your most artistic touch. You may even want to consider stainless steel, copper, and other exotic types of glass. The options are endless.


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