Choosing the Right Room Divider Screen

It was around the 7th century when the use of the room divider screen started and since then, they have never been put out of work. It is believed that they originated from China and from there they went all over the world and became part of every structure that architects and interior designers created. Today, they are available in various styles that are used for both home decorations and other utility reasons like glass, wood, leather, screens, folded wall panels with wheels and even fabrics and canvas. It can be hard to decide which kind to use but before choosing what is pleasing to the eyes, there are lots of things to consider before picking the perfect screen divider.

The first thing to consider is the place where you want to put the divider. Is it for outdoors, for indoors, for hotels, or just at home to section off part of your bedroom as an office? You wouldn’t want to use a sturdy wall-like room divider for just a small office table instead of cubicle room divider, right? Hotels and restaurants usually use fixed floor-to-ceiling room dividers to split large areas into smaller rooms. Sometimes they also use the same type that schools use which is the portable room dividers, some are like folded walls while others have supporting wheels. In residential houses, the most commonly used partitions are shoji screens that are usually tri-fold walls. For large facilities like convention centers, usually they set up frame room dividers that are made of plastic, wire tubing or metal and then a fabric material is then hung over the frame to hide unpleasant places.

Now, there are some cases where you might want to use a divider for outdoor purposes like privacy reasons or garden landscaping. It’s not a problem because when it comes to outdoor room dividers, you can choose any styles because you don’t have to think of the area or the space. However, there are few things that you have to think about and that is the material you are going to use. The materials should be rust proof and sun proof. Surely, divisoria piso teto you have wonderful choices for your materials and you probably want a unique style but some materials might get damaged when it rains so it’s always good to put the room dividers inside to avoid causing serious rain damage.

For the outdoors, you don’t have to care about the space and area but when it’s in indoors, it’s a must to plan it very carefully. For small and medium sized rooms, screens should not take a lot of space to avoid making your room look smaller so the most commonly used types of dividers are thinner using fabric and canvas materials. Some even prefer hanging room dividers especially in bathrooms to separate the bath from the toilet. Now, when it comes to larger sized rooms, usually, one would think about putting up something solid like a wall especially if the purpose is to divide the huge room into two but that still depends on the purpose of the division. If it’s for privacy purposes, vinyl or glass room dividers are options but it has to match with the color of your rooms’ walls. But if you’re after decorating or putting creative touches on that huge room, you can always use fabric, canvas or leather designs

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