Getting To Phong Nha From Hoi An

Vietnam, a country you came for culture but stayed for the caves. As recently as 2008, the biggest cave in the world was discovered in Phong Nha national park. How big, you asked? Well, the cavern is so big it has its own weather system.

I was fortunate enough to be du lich quang binh asked the receptionist at my guesthouse to arrange a bus pick up from Hoi An to Phong Nha. I first thought it was a direct bus but that proved to be a mistake on my part. I got carried away hoping that it would but there was no way a tourist bus would go directly to where I wanted to go. In the end, I was dropped in Dong Ha where one of the guys showed me where to go to get on another bus to Phong Nha. It was easy enough and everything went smoothly afterward.passing through the central of Vietnam in March 2015 and I decided to stop in Phong Nha for 2 nights mainly because of my curiosity about the cave system there, but also the long bus ride from Hoi An to Hanoi didn’t sound very attractive to me. One full day, I spent trekking in a dark cave called Paradise Cave that took me to the cavern lost in nature and time. Vietnam truly holds one of the best cave experience in the world.

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