Giacomo Bertini’s System for Amazement

While skillful deception card enchantment has encountered a consistent increment in intrigue and advancement over the previous century—from Dai Vernon’s progressive close examination and refinement and the creative blasts it seeded in the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties, through the contemporary effect and impact of the Spanish School drove by Juan Tamariz in the Nineties and past—coin enchantment has trudged along in an unquestionably increasingly relentless state since the David Roth period, which started in the Seventies. There have been pockets of imagination in coin enchantment since that time, as well. For instance, think about the fame of palm-out/fingers-up enchantment in the style of John Ramsay, the enthusiasm for Troy Hooser’s “exTROYdinary” (which was thusly impacted by Geoff Latta’s standup “Elfin Hoard”), and the times of investigation of the Three-Fly plot. Also, for some time, it appeared that coin enchantment was captured by thought up disguises and “coin-fu” stylings.

Be that as it may, as of late, three books of imaginative coin enchantment, each mirroring its maker’s individual style and approach, present us with an abundance of new coin work to think about. The first was in November 2017 when the Conjuring Arts discharged a dazzling English version of Luis Piedrahita’s 2011 volume, Coins and Other Fables (which I evaluated for the Lyons Den and furthermore referenced Miguel Ángel Gea’s significant coin work) magicien close-up Lyon. At that point in the fall of 2018, Hermetic Press discharged The Long Goodbye: Geoff Latta on Coins by Stephen Minch and Stephen Hobbs. I have not inspected this book because of my nearby relationship with the task as proofreader and hand model for the outlines. Michael Close did notwithstanding (read here), and proclaimed the book “… bound to be one of the columns in the writing of coin enchantment.”

The third is a manual that subtleties the unprecedented coin work of Italian skillful deception wonder, Giacomo Bertini—composed by Stephen Minch and distributed by Hermetic Press (which is presently possessed by Penguin Magic). Giacomo Bertini’s System for Amazement is nearly as dazzling as the fabulous enchantment it portrays, specifying Bertini’s unique way to deal with coin enchantment. It incorporates exactly fourteen unique skills and procedures, and thirteen notable schedules.

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