Have Yourself A Merry Crypto Christmas With These Gift Ideas

Those who rode the Bitcoin boom early have extra reason to be jolly this season after the leading crypto coin’s price has ballooned twenty-fold in a year.

In the spirit of the season, here’s a list of creative crypto-themed Christmas (or belated Hanukkah) gifts to spread good cheer and fortune.

Crypto Kitties

On a platform created by Canadian startup Axiom Zen, CryptoKitties run amok the Ethereum network like blockchain-based Tamagotchi pets or Neko Atsume. The 4 billion cute tradeable virtual pets, which breed to create blockchain-based spawn with unique cattributes, are a new, quirky way to store ether and have brewed a $12 million market. They’re so popular they have reportedly taken up to 15% of the Ethereum network traffic, and people are spending up to six figures on these tokenized felines.


It’s certainly the cutest crypto Christmas gift on this list, if not a bit risky if the cat fever subsides. (For more tech-savvy cat gift ideas, click here.)

Bitcoin Socks

Kimchi Socks

As cuddly as those digital kitties look, sometimes you need a gift to warm you up offline. South Korea-based Kimchi Socks has merch that nods to all manner of coins, from Bitcoin to Dogecoin, on sale through Amazon and various crypto platforms including All Things Decentral.

Ugly Sweater Season

Wish your friends a Happy Cryptoxmas with shirts, sweaters, phone and laptop cases and more designed by Cryptogeek at Tee Republic.


For ugly sweater traditionalists, HODLMOON offers the gamut of coin-themed outerwear including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. You can even suggest a new coin or customize a design.

Crypto Art

Crypto Art aims to be both aesthetic and functional. Acting as a paper wallet, it stores a Bitcoin token into the fine art print, adding physical value to the artwork and the security of storing the token offline in case your computer or phone is hacked or

Artist Cryptograffiti creates bold, innovative artworks layered with metaphors and materials such as repurposed credit cards, money transfer terms and conditions, Raspberry Pi, and e-ink.

Decentralized Art Shows, meanwhile, is a project that allows Bitcoin users to buy local art via virtually streamed art shows.

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