How Medical Research Leads to New Patent Ideas

A new patent pending medical device – based on scientific research – proves even simple innovations to existing products can be very lucrative.

Surgical masks haven’t changed too much since 1918. medical mask suppliers It was the year of the Spanish Flu pandemic, and surgeons adopted cotton gauze masks during surgery to protect themselves from patient diseases.

The interest in masks as germ barriers was based on the work of Joseph Lister, who developed a successful system of antiseptic surgery (based on Louis Pasteur’s’ at the time controversial germ theory).

Since then, there has been much innovation in surgical masks. Lighter materials. More comfortable straps. Anti-glare strips. And of course, bacterial filtration. All worthy of new patents.

A New Patent for an Old Medical Invention

Despite all the new additions, one major problem remained…unique facial features.

Since surgical masks are a mass-produced item, there is no possible way for them to perfectly fit every face. And surgical masks that do not have a completely air-tight fit do not completely prevent the spread of germs.

A new medical patent aims to change that.

I recently came across a press release about a patent from Cantel Medical Corporation for a new type of surgical mask. And it shows how medical research can lead to new patents. One paragraph in particular reveals how this new patent resulted directly from a medical study

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