How to Win at Poker

Specialization is key to mastering any subject. Consider these players who have made it to the top by specializing in one game type:

  • Phil Hellmuth: Focused on playing live MTTs; most WSOP bracelets of all-time; achieved long-term success despite playing an unconventional style.
  • Doug Polk: Focused exclusively on Heads-Up No-Limit for a number of years; went from the micros to being regarded as the best high stakes HUNL player in the world.
  • OtB_RedBaron: Became the most feared player online by focusing on 6-max cash games; has been the most profitable player in that game type for a number of years.

Each of these players devoted time and effort to a single game type over a long period of time. Sure, you may see them occasionally splashing around in different games pengeluaran sgp, but it is important to remember that they earned the right to do so and that they never lost focus on their chosen format.

For the rest of us, playing games without a clear edge is something we simply can’t afford to do—we can’t afford to risk our bankroll, and we can’t afford to waste time on a game type we don’t intend to specialize in.

So, pick a game type and stick to it. And don’t be afraid to move down in stakes and play your way up. Everyone who has found long-term success has made that journey.

Before you can solve a problem with your game you need to identify what it is, and an in-depth analysis will almost certainly reveal more than one. In order to do an in-depth analysis of your game, you will need a good-sized sample of your own hands to study.

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