If papers are cited by author and year

Vacancies in the research team should be addressed in this section with a discussion of the anticipated expertise and discipline and the expected contributions of this person to the project.

Project Management and Evaluation (not counted in page limit)– It is particularly important for projects with several researchers to describe the overall management and evaluation plan.   This section provides a basis for demonstrating how the project team functions and makes decisions.

Milestones Table– (not counted in page limit) Insert a Milestone table(using this format: page orientation: portrait; font: 9 pt Arial Narrow). This illustrates intended progress through the project plan. Reviewers look here to understand the path of the project. Milestones are points where significant accomplishments can be documented. (See Box: What is a Milestone?)   These are identified for each objective or subobjective and hypothesis.   The table also describes how progress will be documented through products (e.g., scientific papers, databases, germplasm releases, technology transfer, CRADAs).   

Definition of a Milestone

Milestone Table Example

Accomplishments from Prior Project Period(not counted in page limit) -This section summarizes the research accomplishments from research by this team, relevant to this project plan, and which has terminated within the last 2 years. The purpose of this section is to provide the reviewers greater detail on prior work (which may have been briefly described in the background). The following information should be included:   

Terminating project number, title, and project period; Investigators; and Project accomplishments and impact; including: Summary of the most significant accomplishments and their related impact, including publications; and Description of how the objectives and accomplishments relate to the current plan.

Literature Cited(not counted in page limit)   -Begin this section on a new page.   Literature can be listed alphabetically by author or in order of citation in the text.   If papers are cited by author and year, they must be listed alphabetically here.   Any citation format accepted by a peer-reviewed scientific journal that includes all authors, article title, and complete page numbers may be used.

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