Know About the Inkjet Computer Printers

A computer system contains number of parts associated with it and printer is one of those various parts. Data that we stored in our computer in the form of files and programs can be taken out as printed paper with the help of printers. Here in this article, let’s talk about the inkjet printer, but first of all, read some brief information on what the printers are?

A computer printer is a device that is connected to the computer for producing a human-readable copy of the data that has been stored in the computer memory in the electronic form. Now-a-days, printers are directly connectible to the scanner, video cameras and memory card of the computer.

Printers are of several types, there are laser printers that use lasers to print out the data. They are used for high quality print outs. Inkless printers use colorless color crystals in the process where pen based printers work on the piece of paper with special kind of pen AiBoo  . An inkjet printer is the computer printer that produces a very little amount of ink on the paper. The ink droplets contain an electric charge and when it comes in contact with the paper, droplets are identified with the cathode and electrode charge. Inkjet printer is the most commonly used printer as it produces high quality print outs in the cheap price.

Normally, all modern inkjet printers are able to produce colored photo print outs as well. It’s cost is lesser than that of other good quality graphic and text printers. They are quieter than other noise creating printers. They print with high resolution and thus, give smooth and clear print outs. Unlike other modern printers, inkjet printers need not to warm up before starting work on it. That is why the cost of per copy print by inkjet printer is comparatively very lower than other printers. Now-a-days, inkjet printer is using a new technology of FM screening that further increases the quality of printing. Ink cartridges can be refilled quite easily that is sometimes a problem with other printers.

Now, along with so many advantages, inkjet printers have some disadvantages also. Like some particular ink for the inkjet printer might be very costly sometimes. Those inkjet printers that use liquid inks can produce the low-life prints. With time, the liquid ink gets faded or the colors may get changed. Water can destroy the inkjet printer prints as a single drop of water can damage the entire format. These are some of the disadvantages of inkjet printers that have been discovered till now but this is also an obvious fact that these disadvantages stand nowhere if one talks about the usefulness of inkjet printers. This is the reason why inkjet printer is used on a large scale.

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