M-Audio Oxygen 25 USB Midi Controller Keyboard

If you want to record, mix, and produce music from home, all you need is a computer and a USB Midi Controller keyboard.Controladores MIDI One of the best keyboards out there is probably the M-Audio Oxygen 25. Overall, it has great reviews from both amateur and professional musicians. Here are some of the pros and cons:

  • Pro: Size. Many users have commented on the lightweight, compact feel of this keyboard. It’s easy to carry anywhere and store away when you’re not using it. There’s no unnecessary bulk and it will fit in a regular-size backpack.
  • Pro: Build. People seem to say that it’s built well and very durable for such a small keyboard. The keys are heavier than some, but also very responsive.
  • Pro: Easy Set-Up. There’s nothing hard about setting it up. Simply plug in, power on, and open up the music software program on your computer.
  • Pro: Smooth, Big Knobs. Many people have commented on the weight of the knobs, which makes them easier to control.
  • Con: Size. While many people seem to like the portability of the small keyboard, others have complained the keys are difficult to maneuver because of their small size. This is especially challenging for musicians with large hands.
  • Using a USB MIDI controller keyboard can help you dabble in all kinds of creative musical pursuits. Whether you’re recording vocals, playing the guitar, or using your keyboard to experiment with different instruments, this device makes it easy for practically anyone to record music at home.

All in all, the M-Audio Oxygen 25 USB MIDI controller keyboard has more positive reviews than negative. With 4 stars on Amazon, it’s probably a good choice for either a beginner or experienced musician that needs a high-quality, compact keyboard.


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