Podcast Tools – 3 Essential Tools to Start a Podcast the Right Way

What tools do you need to start a podcast?

If you are just starting out, it is very easy to get confused with the choices that are available out there. Most of the time, it is far more productive Starting a podcast to concentrate on a few simple options than to spend countless of hours researching different gears.

Unless you have very unique needs, chances are you will do just fine with what I suggest below. These tools, in my opinion, is the absolute must-have tools any podcasters should have.

1. A quality microphone

Microphone is the most important component because without it you can’t record your voice. A good quality microphone allows you to record clearly. Poor quality microphone often include a lot of noise in the recording.

The good news is that nowadays a good quality mic is very affordable.

2. Podcast recording and editing software

Free software are available to capture signals from sound card to digital information and save them as a file. Audacity is an example of free and cross platform voice recording and editing software.

If you want to add sound effects or put intro or outro as part of the podcast, you can do so easily with this kind of software.

3. Blog publishing platform

Needless to say, there are more than one way to do it. Different podcast publishing platform is available to get your podcast out on the Web.

A blog is by far my favorite podcast publishing platform for a few reasons. Not only does it allows you, the podcaster, to publish a podcast episode easily but also the fact that search engines like blogs.

At the end of the day, if you can have tools that help you save time in podcasting, I find no reason why you want to go on the hard way to accomplish the same thing less elegantly.

A blog allows you to do it faster and better.

Those are three essential tools for every podcaster. You should consider it too when you start a podcast.

Not one of them is hard to get and expensive. In fact, the last two come for free. So there is no reason why you can’t get started in collecting the tools today.

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