Razor Mx350 Electric Dirt Bike Review

If you get your children into sports now that is fun and exciting they will be more likely to stay off the streets as they get older. Getting them involved in sports will assist in keeping them off drugs and away from labdroverbar criminal activity. Motocross is a great sport for your child to start with. It can be fun and exciting and a great way for your youngster to take out any aggression. The hardest part about getting your child interested in Motocross is getting them comfortable on the motocross bike. The Razor MX350 electric dirt bike is a great bike to start with. It’s a great speed for a bike. It’s really quick, yet not fast enough to become dangerous. Although recommended for those who are 12 and older, it’s so durable and compact that it would be a great bike for ages that are younger too.

The Razor MX 350 Dirt Rocket found in stores is one of the best mini electric dirt bikes you can find. This mini bike offers a very durable frame, but can carry up to 150 pounds. To keep the transfer power best, the bike has 10 inch knobby tires. With a chain driven motor, it gives the ride a quieter feel yet doesn’t take away from its power. This also is great so that the bike can go about 14 miles per hour for ten miles without losing its charge. The riser handlebars that this bike sports are great for comfort. The bike is a great beginner bike without having to spend a lot of money on the first gas powered dirt bike. The disadvantage is that it takes eight hours to get a full charge and with a heavier child may run a lot slower. For the price of this bike it’s an excellent choice!

With all the customers that purchased this bike only just a few of them were unhappy with it. The positive customer notes the value of the bike is due to the durability of it. Some people wrote how it’s a perfect gift for any child and they’ve purchased them for children that are only 5 years of age. One consumer wrote how excited she was that her child loved riding the bike so much he would do it before and after school. She also mentioned how awesome it is that it’s fast enough for her child to enjoy it, but slow enough where she doesn’t have to constantly worry while he’s using it. A grandfather commented how easy it was to assemble and his grandson has so much fun riding it. He also mentioned that when his older grandchildren attempt to ride it the power diminishes due to the extra weight.

If you are in search for a good miniature dirt bike that is great for little ones and not too dangerous than the ┬áis a great choice. Just remember though, that any additional weight slows down the bike. It’s not designed to carry more than one rider at a time. Although “Pocket” racing is so much fun, it can become dangerous to young riders. Helmets and the proper safety gear are highly recommended for all dirt bikes. Although this bike is recommended for ages 12 and older, this can be a great gift for any child as young as seven years of age with adult supervision.


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