Shed Planning – The Pneumatic Air Tool Option

Now that you have decided to make the new shed in the backyard your workshop shed it is time to think about those new tools. You have studied both the battery powered tools and electric corded tools and now it is time to have a look at pneumatic tools as well best cordless impact wrench  . Let’s take a closer look at the pneumatic air powered tool option in your shed planning.

Being air powered tools we know from the beginning that a generating source to compress air will be needed. Air tools tend to be light weight and have a housing constructed of aluminum and steel. They have fewer moving parts which constitutes less parts wear and breakage and results in fewer repair costs. Another reason for the light weight of these types of tools is the lack of any electric components and because of this lack of electric components they also cost less. Being air driven pneumatic tools have more power and are safer to use than their electric counterparts. The overall life expectancy is greater than both the battery powered tools or the electric corded tools and so the result is lower replacement costs.

As stated above a source of compressed air to run the tools with is needed in the form of an air compressor. This will have to be an electric powered generator as battery or pneumatic is not really feasible. To work for extended periods the air compressor should have a storage tank that will have a capacity of 4 to 5 gallons. A smaller tank than 4 to 5 gallons will quickly expend the quantity of air it contains and you will find yourself waiting for it to cycle. Cycling simply means the machine has to build up enough air to run the tool. It is recommended that the compressor be able to produce at least 135 psi of pressure and have a pressure gauge that will measure up to at least 135 psi (pound per square inch). There will be times when more than one tool may be needed at the same time so it is very beneficial to have multiples outlets on the machine.

The first pneumatic tool you will probably want to buy will be an air nail gun. When a project requires lots of nails an air nailer will make short work of the task. There are many types of air tools that can be purchased some of those are an impact wrench, air ratchet, pneumatic grinder, sanders, spray guns and screw drivers to name a few.

So now the choice has to be made. There are three types of like tools, powered three different ways. I guess the only thing to do is weigh the pros and cons and use your own best judgment on what works best for you. Good Luck!

Robert “Mac” McCormack is a cabinetry and furniture hardware expert who is an avid woodworker. Mac particularly enjoys helping others get started in their own home workshop. For more information about getting your own shed planning and air tools

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