Some advanced drainage designs in the world today

• Parkline drainage
This is a multi-slot high performance drainage solution for shallow locations. Suitable for parking lots, stadiums and other shallow depths and often needed to withstand high traffic. In addition to leading water efficiency, Parkline offers many practical benefits. It is suitable for loading ratings up to C250 and convenience for wheelchair access.
With an advanced locking mechanism for quick and easy installation, this solution is quite ideal for new constructions or additional works projects tấm chắn rác composite. This drain hose is easy to remove for cleaning and installation as required. The monolithic structure of this drainage type significantly reduces the traffic noise; Intelligent design includes innovative connecting elements made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel.
• Song Drainage Pro
The Pro Water Drainer is a high performance drainage duct system also available with a variety of grooves ranging from galvanized steel or cast iron (stainless steel is also available) and large drainage diameters. Advanced molding and molding technology and solid support structure ensure a secure bond to the surrounding concrete.
Optimized drainage and smooth surface for maximum flow and self cleaning.

Product categories
– Galvanized steel (NWT) NW100mm, NW150mm & NW200mm
– 100mm, NW150, NW200 and NW300mm cast iron drain hose
Double-sided surface design, mesh or optionally available with fixed locking device. The F900 comes with security lock bolts.
Scope of application: PRO water drainage is mainly suitable for installation in commercial areas, factories, warehouses and parking lots, but also in public facilities such as railway stations, areas for pedestrians and residential areas.
• Pave drainage
The pave drainage helps drain through the sealed slots suitable for concrete blocks or pavers up to 80mm depth.

Pave is ideal for new home construction and family applications such as flower gardens, terraces, balconies and driveways. Pave drainage is a delicate drainage solution, with slotted ends and slots produced from galvanized steel. Lightweight construction makes it easy to move around, but does not cover quality or performance. The drainage channel has a nominal width of 100mm.

• High quality concrete drainage

Many establishments have studied the formula and production of high performance concrete products (HPC). HPC represents compressive strength (load bearing), usually measured in Newtons / mm sq. If a particular product achieves a compression strength of 50 N / mm or more, it is classified as HPC.
HPC was originally developed for use in large civil engineering projects. Controlling the production process and achieving consistent results for smaller scale solutions, such as drainage will be more difficult. However, in professional production, curing control will help achieve the maximum compressive strength of 80-90 N / mm square.
In addition, with standard drainage concrete products of compressive strength and high durability – twice as much as conventional HPC – will reduce breakage during transportation, installation, Long time to use and reduce costs while using.

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