Super Simple Sukiyaki

One of my favourite dishes when I was living in Japan was to cook a Sukiyaki. Absolutely delicious whether you were eating it on your own or having it for a dinner party where you can all chat as you cook your food it was absolutely amazing. So the other week we decided to re-create the magic here at home. Now you all can enjoy it too! All these ingredients are available at your local Asian market if not your local Coles/Woolworth’s. Yuen’s is an excellent Asian Foods grocery store.

Ingredients (Feeds 2-4 people can easily be scaled up)

Your choice of Vegetables/Ours are below

Handful of Mushrooms

1/4 Wombok Cabbage

1/2 a bunch of Choy Sum

1 Bundle of Spring Onions

1 Cube of Tofu

1 Packet of sliced Beef (very thinly sliced we usually buy this from Yuens)

1 Packet of Udon Noodles

1 Bottle of Sukiyaki Sauce

4 Eggs

Rice for 2 people. We use Medium grain, it’s the nicest.

How To Sukiyaki!

1) Set up your Electric Wok (deep base) in the middle of a table. Some people use a deep pot or Nabe on a gas burner which also works well.

2) Put your rice on to cook it takes a while

3) Get your Vegetables cut up and ready. Dice your Tofu into large cubes. (If it’s too small you will never get it out of the pot)

4) Pour Sukiyaki Sauce into the wok/pot and set to simmer. If it cooks to fast turn it down. Add a glass of water if need be to weaken the Sukiyaki Sauce as it’s very strong.

5) Once it is hot enough start adding Vegetables. Separate it into sections and get a little bit of everything in there. Add the meat as well.

6) Scoop Rice out into your little hand bowls.

7) Crack an egg into another small bowl and whisk it with your chopsticks.

8) As you finish cooking things in the wok pull them out with your chopsticks, dip them in the egg and eat them with the rice! It’s delicious. Most Australians aren’t accustomed to eating raw eggs, but it’s quite good. Just be careful about the quality of egg you buy.

9) Add more vegetables/meat to the wok as needed. Cook and eat until you are going to explode with delicious Sukiyaki!

Refilling Soup while you cook!

As you cook because of the water content in the foods you are cooking sometimes the soup you are cooking in can become weak. To adjust the flavour use the following.

To increase Flavour – Soy sauce or Sukiyaki Sauce

To sweeten Flavour – Add sugar

To dilute Flavour – Add water

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