The Celebrity designers help legitimize

Decorist offers single room design packages on a sliding scale from $299 (Classic), $599 (Elite) to $1,299 for a Celebrity designer. Clients are matched to specific designers based upon their style preferences and their budgets. Like hair stylists, the 400 or so Decorist interior designers are classed at different levels based upon their skill levels and experience. New designers start at the Classic level and can work themselves up as their portfolios grow.

Designers at the Elite and Celebrity level typically operate full-service design studios and supplement their full-service businesses with Decorist’s virtual-design approach. “We are all collaborating. The Elite and Celebrity designers might have associates that they can leverage to provide additional services, all the while giving those designers experience in the virtual world,” Hansen says.

Hansen describes the Celebrity designers as high-profile names in design who’ve been featured in magazines like Architectural Digest and Elle Decor. Currently 40 A-list designers offer services at Decorist’s Celebrity level.

“The Celebrity designers help legitimize our brand name, and we give them a way to incrementally add to their existing businesses. Our Celebrity designers have been a big game changer for us, because we give clients access to design talent they could never access before at a reasonable price,” she says and adds, “Virtual design is not going away.”

Besides offering design-challenged customers a simple, easy, and affordable way to access professional interior design services, Decorist also makes the design process easier for designers too.

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