The Good, Bad, and Ugly – A Guide to Optimizing Interview Season

Interview season is incredibly unique to our chosen profession. After 3(ish) long, hard years of training, from your white coat ceremony before this whole journey You Med I idolized the interview season in my mind, thinking it would be really fun to travel the country and see what different programs have to offer. And though that is the case, there was so much on the interview trail that I wish I knew. This post serves to address common misconceptions, money-saving tips, pre-interview etiquette, and much more for interview season, regardless if you’re a 4th year about to have a string of interviews, a 3rd year starting to think about away rotations, or even if you’re still in your preclinical years wondering what it will be like for you. Nevertheless, this will be the brutally honest, comprehensive guide to making the interview season the best it can be!started, to your nose being stuck in your “First-Aid for Step 1” book, to endless anatomy tag exams, to your first day on the wards, to your first 30-hour call day – you finally made it. Regardless of your step scores, the number of honors you had, the letters of recommendation you received, you’ve come this far. So first of all, a sincere congratulations on a wonderful achievement!  You’ve earned it!

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