These people like the vision of Trump the president peddles

This is also why he has committed so many unforced errors in the past month. Angered by the impeachment inquiry, Trump needed to show that he could still exert his will and skill to move events. His decision to peremptorily withdraw U.S. troops from northern Syria is simply an application of that principle, as was his since-retracted decision to award the contract for the Group of Seven summit next year to his own property near Miami. That both elites and average voters might be outraged by these decisions never entered his mind because he rarely tries to persuade people rather than sell himself to a niche market.

You can get rich and powerful marketing to a niche market. The Trump brand wasn’t for everyone, but it was attractive to enough people to fuel his real estate and product-branding enterprises. The Trump political persona clearly alienates millions of people, but it attracts millions of others. These people like the vision of Trump the president peddles, and like any good niche marketer, he keeps giving his acolytes what they want.

The trouble for Trump is that presidents can’t win without building larger coalitions. Trump won in 2016 because he persuaded that election’s swing voter — the person who disliked both him and Hillary Clinton — that “Never Hillary” was better for that person than “Never Trump.” Those people form the core of the person he needs to talk to now, and they aren’t buying the idea that the Democratic investigation is worse than what Trump appears to have done.

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