What is a trash bin?

A trash can is used to prevent garbage from flowing through a drainage pit on a snow road. This is a widget that is being used extensively in the past.
Garbage or rubbish screens are commonly used in today’s transportation projects to help optimize the filtering process. It is a very normal product but it contributes a lot to environmental sanitation as well as to reducing congestion in big cities nắp hố ga thành an.

Garbage screens are made from high quality materials that are resistant to road traffic. Previously, this type of net was made of cast iron or gray cast iron, however, it was gradually replaced with composite to ensure aesthetic. Mesh made from composite can withstand good force but has a very light weight.
Characteristics of trash net:

– Screen racks are made of metal bars 20-50mm apart in a rectangular frame and are designed for easy sliding.
– Garbage screens have many different types. According to the slot, the three types are large, medium and small. There are two types of garbage collection: manual and mechanized.
– The grid has many different designs and will be designed to suit the works;

Advantages of our trash net:

– The net is very good quality;
– good bearing capacity and good external effects;
– High aesthetics with standard designs;
– Extremely competitive price to help you save costs;
– Many attractive promotions and many preferential policies;
– Counseling and giving the best solution for you;
– Always support 24/24, including holidays;

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