World Cup Game in EU Nominee vote

Former England fly-half Stuart Barnes said organisers had shown “a reckless disregard for the reality of the times in which we live”.

“Any sensible plan has to account for worst-case scenarios. If a deadly typhoon was considered too difficult to handle, the sport should have looked elsewhere for a home,” he wrote in The Times.

But Gilpin stressed he had “no regrets at all” about bringing the World Cup to Japan, the first Asian country to host the tournament.

“I think what you’ve all seen over the last three weeks absolutely in every respect vindicates the right decision to be hosting a World Cup here in Japan,” he said.

He added that World Rugby had looked “pretty exhaustively” at other options for the games, including switching venues, but “we couldn’t guarantee consistent contingency plans across all those games safely for all the teams and fans involved”.

Goulard failed to convince members of the European parliament, who quizzed her about allegations she misused funds and consulted for a U.S. think tank while she served in the EU Parliament.

Goulard is the third candidate to be rejected after lawmakers dismissed a pair of nominees over suspicions of conflict of interest.

Acc game free France’s nominee for the next European Commission says it will be up to the next EU chief to decide whether she needs to step down in case she is indicted in a French investigation into alleged misuse of funds.

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