Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Update November 18

The police refuse to listen to Kartik’s side of the story and make him wear the handcuffs. When Kartik, Naira and the Goenkas tell Pallavi not to level such allegations, Kairav wonders why the police have visited his residence. Kartik and Naira request the police to remove the handcuffs before Kairav knows about the purpose of their visit.

Naira narrates a fabricated story and asks Kairav to retire to his room. And after Kairav leaves the living room, the police drag Kartik out of the house to take him to the police station. Naira assures Kartik that she wouldn’t let Kairav know anything about his arrest and promises she will relieve him of the false charges. And a depressed Manish leaves for the police station with Akhil and Samarth to meet their lawyer.

The makers of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai have added a new twist to the tale. Kartik has landed in trouble, and as always Naira looks determined to save him. Read on to know how the episode of the show starring Mohsin Khan and Shivangi Joshi in the lead roles unfolded.

But her friend Pallavi, who always knew Kartik didn’t marry Vedika willingly, accuses him of abducting her. She reaches Goenka Villa with police officials to get Kartik arrested. When the Goenkas protest, Pallavi makes the police here her phone recording where Vedika is heard taking Kartik’s name. She feels that Kartik must have done something wrong to her.

The story resumes from the scene that shows Kartik driving to the hotel where Vedika had asked to meet him. And Vedika, who sees Kartik from her hotel room window, is happy that he has arrived. But before Kartik meets her, the stalker attacks her and stops her from raising the alarm. And while trying to save her, when Vedika calls Pallavi, the stalker overpowers her even as she struggles to take Kartik’s name to grab his attention.

Meanwhile, Kartik, who reaches the room mentioned by Vedika, finds no one inside and leaves after not seeing her anywhere. When he arrives at the lobby, he bumps into Naira, who wishes to be by his side while talking to Vedika. And the stalker quietly moves out of the hotel in disguise of a bell boy with a trolley carrying a huge carton. Now, viewers know who abducted Vedika.

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