Your Gift Shop – How Acrylic Dispensers Can Make it Even Better

Gift shops are some of the most enjoyable places to shop. We go in because we’re looking for something for someone else-a gift-which is in itself a nice feeling. Once we’re in, we wander the aisles, touch things, and enjoy the variety and quality of the creative and eclectic selection of merchandise. It takes a skilled and imaginative business person to maintain a good gift shop.

If you’re a gift shop manager or owner, one way that imagination manifests itself is in the way you display your goods Qua tang khach hang VIP . Even if customers don’t pay too much attention to your shelves, containers, racks or tables, these items add to the overall feel of the store, making your customers comfortable and encouraging them to buy just the right thing. One kind of container that helps immensely with this welcoming ethos is the clear acrylic dispenser.

Gourmet Candies

There are several different kinds of acrylic dispensers, and many of them are suited to any bulk candies you might sell in your gift shop. Some candies, such as high end chocolates and smooth-and-melties are perfect gifts for friends and colleagues, and have to be displayed in a clear and accessible way. Stackable open acrylic bins are one way to do that, especially if you have several flavors of the same type of candy. Acrylic bins with lids and scoops also serve as ideal serving containers for unwrapped bulk candies. A decorative bag with a fancy candy scooped into it is a profitable offering for any gift shop.

Sachets and Samples

Many gift shops offer small sachets full of dried flowers or herbs. These aromatic gifts are then placed inside drawers to keep clothes smelling fresh and appealing. However, since there are usually several different kinds of these sachets, you don’t want the distinctive scents to get mixed up, so it’s important to put them in separate acrylic bins or acrylic trays. The same holds true of small samples such as soaps, colognes, or lotions. The natural scents are strong enough that they might blend together if they aren’t separated. You can lay out hand made soaps on clear acrylic trays, and sort lotions and colognes into transparent stackable bins. These small sachets and samples also make great impulse items at a gift shop’s cash register.


Many things that you sell at a gift shop require supplies or accessories. For example, a collector’s edition Christmas ornament will need a hook. A stained glass design will need a suction hook for hanging in a window. Candles will need matches, and wrapping paper should be accompanied by bows and ribbons. These small but essential items can easily get lost or overlooked, unless you put them in a complementary container near the main item. Small packets of ornament hooks can be sorted into stackable acrylic bins. Matches (with your name and logo) can be placed into acrylic or plastic fish bowl containers, as can suction hooks.

If you own a successful gift shop, you know how important your display items are. Acrylic dispensers offer the perfect way to call attention to your merchandise while creating the ambience your loyal gift shop customers enjoy.

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